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The Montney formation ranks as one of the top resource plays in North America

Our producing areas are located in the Altares, Kobes and Attachie regions of the Montney formation in Northeastern B.C. The regions possess a combination of geological attributes such as thickness, over-pressure, and liquids content that make them prolific areas for rich natural gas development.

Subsurface techniques minimize environmental impact

Our integrated technical approach has been a core part of the Pacific Canbriam success story. The Montney formation in our operating regions is more than 1,100 feet thick. To extract the resource, our experienced team of geologists, geophysicists, engineers and operators must use innovative subsurface technology such as horizontal wells that reach greater than four kilometers in lateral length. Through this technology, we extract liquids rich natural gas from multiple underground layers, while minimizing our surface footprint and impact on the environment.

Ownership of all field infrastructure reduces emissions

We own all field infrastructure across our operations including processing facilities, midstream gathering assets, water handling assets, roads and camps. This approach is a major commitment to enhance operational safety and sustainability, and eliminates the need for trucks to transport hydrocarbons, further reducing emissions. Additionally, 100% owned infrastructure provides low operating cost and flexibility.

Altares Processing Facility

Canbriam commissioned its first natural gas processing plant – the Altares Processing Facility, in 2012, with a design for expansion of up to 450 million cubic feet per day. Phase 1 and 2 were completed in 2015, with a processing capacity of 160 million cubic feet per day. Phase 3 (completed in 2021) and phase 4 (expected completion 2024) each increase capacity by 120 million cubic feet per day.

Key Operational Stats

65,000 boe/day
2023 annual production average

~350 km of Active Pipeline Infrastructure

1 Water Treatment Facility

100% Ownership of All Field Infrastructure

Focus on Low Cost Structure and ESG Leadership

~365 MMcf/d Gas Processing Capacity

~105,000 ha Land Base

~300,000 m3 Total Pond Capacity

~200 Employees and Full-time Contractors in 2023