Transformative Indigenous Partnerships

Pacific Canbriam Energy deeply respects and values the relationships we have with Indigenous Rights Holders, and approaches engagement in a spirit of partnership, collaboration and mutual respect. Recognizing that Indigenous Rights Holders are the stewards of the resources on their land, we work to respect these rights and build long-lasting, meaningful partnerships over and above the regulatory framework.

Towards Truth and Reconciliation

Our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation is embedded in our Indigenous Engagement Policy and reflected in our Sustainability Strategy Pillar #1: Transformative Indigenous Partnerships. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action for Business (Section 92), PCE’s engagement approach takes the form of a Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan. For more information, please view our 2021 Sustainability Report.


of all PCE employees and full-time contractors completed training on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, history, and culture (progressing from 100% of the executive team in 2021)


of total operational spend awarded to indigenous-owned vendors


of social investment distributed to indigenous organizations and communities


regular biweekly land and Joint Management Advisory Committee (JMAC) meetings held to facilitate two-way engagement and joint decision making


Working together to protect wildlife and wild places

Wildlife Monitoring Program

We work closely with Indigenous communities to address concerns and develop new ways to manage the impact of our operations on local wildlife. We installed cameras at strategic locations to monitor wildlife movement throughout the lifecycle of our projects.

Progressive Reclamation

At PCE, ‘cleaning up while you work’ is just best practice. We work closely with Indigenous communities to minimize our footprint and reclaim sites no longer required for operations. We use ecologically-suitable species to re-establish parts of disturbed areas and replant wetlands at stream crossings. We develop restoration and mitigation plans where development intersects legacy seismic lines to further reduce cumulative impacts by addressing wildlife access and predation concerns. We will continue to work with Indigenous communities to find new ways to manage cumulative impacts at each stage of project development.

Dormant Site Restoration Program

In 2022, we successfully completed our Dormant Site Restoration Program in collaboration with the Halfway River Group (HRG), a 100% Halfway River First Nation-owned company. In addition to working with HRG, we continued to work closely with West Moberly-DWB, a WMFN joint venture company, on reclamation planning. PCE also procured plants for reclamation from Twin Sisters Nursery, a joint venture between SFN and WMFN. We look forward to increasing our engagement with other Indigenous communities as we move forward.