Global Energy Demand

Global demand for energy is rising, as developing countries around the world are continuing to modernize and strive for higher quality of life.

That’s Where We Come In

Nowhere is this more prevalent than Asia, where energy requirements for economic and demographic growth are being fueled largely by coal. Reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources is a major contributor to reduced air quality and climate change. Cleaner energy sources are imperative to feed this growing demand.

Canada is developing a natural gas export industry on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. In northeastern British Columbia, there are vast reserves of natural gas located in the rock far beneath the surface.

Technological advancements in natural gas extraction allow producers, like Pacific Canbriam Energy, to use water, sand, and hydraulic pressure to produce large quantities of clean natural gas that is trapped in deep underground rock formations. Once this natural gas is processed, it is safely transported for use across North America.

China is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. As such, its energy requirements continue to expand and shift to cleaner sources of energy within that country. Natural gas is a key source of power generation and according to the IEA, will continue to be  a growing component of China’s transformation to improve its air quality.

Right now, besides domestic use, Canada’s only customer for gas is the United States. In the past decade however, the U.S. has been growing its own natural gas supply. Canada’s opportunity is to send natural gas to Asia, where our abundant and clean natural gas will complement and, in many cases, replace existing sources of energy such as coal. This can play a significant role in helping to build global prosperity and combat climate change.